The 10 Best Hitch Mounted Bike Racks 2018

Which vehicle — or vehicles — do you have, and will you be taking a mixture of bikes? Are they heavy, do they have thru-axles, and will they be getting dirty? The main types of bike rack are hitch-mounted, roof-mounted and strap-mounted The next question is how do you want to carry the bikes? On top of the vehicle? Does your vehicle have a receiver hitch? Bike’s front wheel on or off? Another thing to consider is if you want or need to carry other sporting equipment. Bikes vary widely in cost, style, size and weight too, all of which should be factors when looking for a means of transporting them. Plus there are options for truck beds and speciality racks for unique situations. They’re usually more expensive than other bike rack styles, but the ease of loading and unloading bikes, and not having to lift bikes onto the vehicle’s roof, make them a popular option.

Yakima Quickback 3 Bike Trunk Mount Bike Rack Review

Bike racks Bike racks A bike rack helps you transport one or more bikes on your car wherever you go — quickly, easily, and safely. Strollers Strollers Our strollers are perfect for exploring the city or jogging and walking on nature paths. Always in safety, comfort, and style. Luggage Luggage Stylish and durable luggage and travel bags, ranging from rollers and carry-ons to duffels and sport bags, make the ideal travel companions on any trip.

Apr 09,  · FOR SALE – Bakersfield, CA – I have a bike rack complete wit keys for trade. I want to trade it for rims or parts hit me up came off.

It packs all the right necessities that an everyday user would want and no more. The T-shaped handle sits under the rack, which allows the platform to be easily raised and lowered without the add-on installed. This is a great feature and much easier to use than racks that use a release pin near the hitch. However, once the add-on is installed, there is no way to extend the handle further back like you can in the Thule Pro XT. I found it cumbersome having to reach under and to the front of the add-on in order to engage the handle, and particularly difficult when all three bikes were loaded up.

The racks trays should have you as close to future-proof as one can be within the bike industry, having the ability to fit bikes with 20 to inch wheels and widths from a 23 millimeter road tire all the way up to a 5-inch fat bike tire. In order to accommodate the larger wheel widths, you will need to utilize the strap adapter on the rear wheel, which is included.

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Not only do you have to decide whether you want a top-, trunk- or hitch-mounted rack, but there are tons of options within each of those categories. And, if you own a pickup truck, you’ve got multiple options for a bed mount as well. While the tried-and-true roof rack may look the coolest, I’m not sure it’s the most practical for larger SUVs and minivans. For one, the roof height on these larger vehicles can make it somewhat challenging for anybody under 6-foot tall to comfortably place their bicycle on the roof.

And with gasoline prices still climbing, who wants to waste any more fuel by placing more wind drag on top of their vehicle?

Integrated security system; locks bike to rack and rack to vehicle with included Same Key System Locks (SKS). Enjoy a cold one with the Yakima signature bottle opener. Optional TubeTop ™ allows you to carry a variety of bike frames.

If your order is placed before the UPS truck comes at the end of the day, Rack Attack ships same day for all in-stock orders. But the main reason to buy from Rack Attack over Amazon: We will verify your oder with your provided vehicle information to ensure your products fit before we charge you or ship. Calling one of our phone numbers will put you in contact with a local employee who can answer any question you have.

Every one of our employees has installed every rack we sell, on countless different vehicles. No matter what you need, we have the experience and knowledge to help you out. So why bother making you click this price match button at all? Why not just always show the lowest price online? Honestly, we would love to, but are held to a minimum advertised price policy by our suppliers.

We are not allowed to display that cheaper price sourced from Amazon. This price match is the easiest way for us to get you the rack you need, for the price you deserve to pay. That being said, we’re a full service retailer who typically maintains stock on all items we sell in all of our stores.

Yakima ForkChop 2017

Shopping for a hitch rack: The Northshore 6-Bike Rack July 12, by Jason Van Horn On a recent outing to the Mckenzie River Trail, we elected to utilize the shuttle , and ride the entire length as an all mountain ride, with as much descending as possible. It also was our first chance to check out the North Shore 6-Bike Rack.

Yakima 2 bike heavy duty bike rack. Getaway model.

Swagman Hitch Bike Racks – S This platform-style carrier holds 2 bikes of different sizes with ratcheting hooks and sliding wheel cradles. Spring-loaded levers let you tilt rack with bikes loaded for cargo access and fold it up for storage. Includes locks for bikes and rack. It has padded, ratcheting hooks and sliding wheel cradles with ratcheting straps so you can carry 2 bikes regardless of size, frame design, or suspension or brake style.

An integrated lever lets you tilt the rack down for cargo access or fold it up for storage, and the low loading height reduces the strain of mounting your bikes for transport. It also has a locking system that secures your bikes to the rack and the rack to your vehicle. Padded, Ratcheting Hooks on Upright Arm Ratcheting hooks on the upright arm hold 2 bikes of varying sizes firmly by the top tubes. The padded hooks won’t scratch or scuff your bike, and built-in locks let you secure the bikes to the rack.

You can fold the upright arm when no bikes are on the rack for convenient access to your vehicle’s rear cargo area.

Yakima HoldUp 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack with Lock Cable (1.25-Inch Receiver)

Description Epic rides to family road trips. Forget cramming four bikes onto a hitch-mounted, hanging-style rack when your vehicle’s equipped with the incredibly easy-to-use, well-bolstered Yakima FourTimer Hitch Rack. Alleviating many of the problems inherent to hanging-style hitch racks, the FourTimer uses offset cradles with secure-ratcheting straps to prevent bikes from rubbing and bumping during transport.

And because it’s designed with a releasable outer arm, the FourTimer quickly transforms from a four-bike carrier to a two-bike carrier in seconds, allowing you to customize the rack’s carrying capacity for regular trail rides and family road trips alike. Its custom tire trays work with virtually any bike up to 45 pounds, regardless of wheel size or width, even carrying wide-fender cruisers and fat bikes with massive 4. Plus, you’ll appreciate the rack’s padded arms, which safely secure over your bikes’ top tubes without scratching or chipping away paint.

With the bikes extending well past the rear bumper, the act as leverage to help the top hooks of the rack, which are hooked to a plastic spoiler, to actually pull the spoiler up. When I bought the rack, I asked the bike shop if they, and thule, we’re sure it wouldn’t damage the spoiler.

Tray Hitch Rack Claimed to be the lightest in its class, this rack is super adjustable to help keep your bikes from getting scratched. Vital Review There is no shortage of options when it comes to hauling your precious rig to the trail: Hitch racks are a common option. Yakima has been one of the major players in the rack game for quite a long time. Recently they released a new tray-style hitch rack dubbed Dr.

Tray rack aims to solve many common issues with racks: It’s easy to move around at just pounds Curious to see if the Dr.

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Full Star Full Star I have 2 bikes, both fit perfectly. I will say it takes a little getting to know the rack but ANY good tool requires learning how to use it. The bikes I have are a Cannondale Synapse and an older Schwinn Searcher hybrid completely converted to trail riding with 40mm wide knobbies and a slammed stem. I setup the outer trays for the Schwinn and the inner for the Cannondale.

Set it and forget it. Now if you are constantly hauling different bikes I would do what the commenter above says and mark the positions with paint or something so its easier to setup.

The Yakima HoldUp 2″ Hitch Tray Bike Rack is a fast and convenient way of securing up to two bikes to the back of your vehicle. The StrongArm pivoting wheel hook secures your bike .

Mounting bike racks on factory installed aero crossbars Any reason not to do this? I’m getting a new car and wanted to hook up a fork mount rack to the roof using factory installed aerodynamic crossbars. However, it seems like practically everyone uses round crossbars instead. Is there a reason not to go with the factory solution?

I like the looks a little better. They may have mightymounts to fit so you can mount a tray to it. As for drilling right to the bars, I guess it would work in theory, but have never personally seen it, so I can’t reccommend it. All the roof rack you’ll ever need for bikes. I have two of them mounted to the roof of my Subaru Outback and totally dig ’em.

Find Your Bike Rack Fit to Get Started

The Freeload Rack is an adjustable bicycle carrier designed to fit any kind of bicycle — full-suspension bikes included! A rack that fits on standard road, commuter and touring bikes is one thing, but the fact that the Freeload rack so easily fits and functions on full-suspension bicycles is what makes this product such an industry changing piece of gear.

Adventure racers, every-day mountain bikers, and long-distances tourists on suspension bicycles have for a very long time now been looking for a way to carry the gear they need while out on their bikes without having to carry a backpack or rig up a home-made system to transport their belongings. Because the rack uses a system of tight fitting straps and ratchets to secure the rack in place, there is no need for your bicycle to have braze-ons or traditional mounting points as has been necessary in the past.

Nice Yakima Swing Away Bike Rack rarely used. Has swing bar to access the back of your vehicle. Lock and keys included. $ CASH only/local transaction.

It has an easy three-point installation, and lower cross members on the frame that can be bolted to the bed of the truck to reduce bowing when holding heavy cargo. It simply rolls out when you pull the handles, so your cargo comes to you, reducing hassle and potential back injuries. It will support heavy loads of construction materials, such as ladders, PVC pipes, drywall or lumber.

The Econo Rack is quick and easy to install with simple adjustability features that fit all trucks, and most truck cap applications. It provides the luxury and safety of sleeping off the ground, but will also stand alone as a ground tent when removed from your truck. When you open your truck cap or lid, it instantly lights up the entire bed of your truck!

It is versatile in its applications and easy to install. It then can be mounted to the bed of your truck for Volt accessibility in the rear of your truck. This is ideal for Volt coolers, DVD players, mobile phones etc.

Yakima DoubleDown 4 Bike Rack Review

The Sod Father on June 21, , Have you weighed the whole thing when it is fully loaded? Are your within a safe weight range for your tires and trailer suspension?

Excellent rack although heavy. But the rack can be broken down to just a two-bike rack, meaning half the weight. If the full rack is too heavy to load for you, load it as a two-bike rack Reviews: 4.

The rack can carry up to 3 bikes carried on two support arms. The bikes are lifted onto the arms and sit in cradles that tie the bike frame to the arms and strap the frame lower down into an anti-sway cradle to stop the bike swinging into each other when you are driving. The Quickback 3 has a twist knob that can adjust the angle of the two carry arms depending upon the bikes you want to load and the shape of the back of your vehicle.

The 6 strap system at the back attaches and tightens the rack onto the vehicle, and each strap is labeled to speed up installation and prevent confusion over which strap and hook goes where. One knob releases the arms so that they can fold down when the rack is not being used on the back and to make storage easier. The metal buckles on each strap are rubber coated and so are the feet that rest against the paintwork. If your vehicle at the back has glass or plastic edges to the hatch, trunk or tailgate there are glass hatch hooks which squeeze inside the closed back and the soft nylon touches the edge to stop potential damage to the glass or plastic edge.

An unusual touch is the end of the carry arms are bottle openers! Note that the Quickback 3 is not compatible with the Toyota Prius. You need to make sure this rack will fit your vehicle, and you can check that here — Fit list www.


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